I like making things. By myself, or with friends. Right now I'm making some things with Beth, while we do an old house up, home. We're making songs too, for a thing called Kootch. I have a paperback coming out soon from Hi-Vis Press, called Billy and the Devil, and it's about a loveless mess. You can read it here if you fancy. After that I've got another paperback coming out from Hi-Vis. That one's called The Gospel According to Johnny Bender, and it's about lots of things. You'll be able to read Johnny on here as well if you want. Everything goes forward, never back.

"Of particular note was the lyrical and stirring performance by Dean Lilleyman and Beth Aveyard, who fused loquacious spoken word with haunting folk music, creating a dreamy atmosphere that left the entire room in stunned silence." Left Lion