"Do whatever makes you happy and you can never lose. Write what you want, sing what you want, love who you want and everything else can catch up or fall behind."

Me and Beth have been doing some music stuff. We've put a website together (here) if you fancy a look/watch/listen. We've called it Kootch.

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Hi-Vis Press on Billy and the Devil: "Because it's a work of art. Because the timeless story is the essence of a fractured being, of fractured lives that are all too familiar. Because the pace and flow of the narrative is unparalleled in contemporary fiction. Because Dean Lilleyman is a real author, with a real heart, a real motive. Because the book won't patronise you, wont force morals down your throat and won't pretend to be something it's not." Read the rest of this article here. Read Billy and the Devil for free here. The complete version of Billy and the Devil will be published in paperback by Hi-Vis in 2018, including episodes not previously published.


"Of particular note was the lyrical and stirring performance by Dean Lilleyman and Beth Aveyard, who fused loquacious spoken word with haunting folk music, creating a dreamy atmosphere that left the entire room in stunned silence." 

Left Lion have featured a review of the Hand Job anthology gig. Read it here.

 photo by  Sophie Pitchford


 artwork by  Stephen Holmes

artwork by Stephen Holmes

Billy and the Devil is now free to read on this site. Story by story, bit by bit with regular posts, the full thing will appear. Each story will include links to references. This version is the full Billy, featuring as yet unpublished stories, that for whatever reason didn't appear in previous versions. The paperback Billy will be published by Hi Vis soon, the way it was meant to be.

Read Billy online, here.


Here are some photo's from the gig me and Beth did at The Chameleon in Nottingham last night. Big ta for Sophie Pitchford for taking the gig shots, ditto to Miggy Angel for putting us on at his Speech Therapy do. The set we did was from The Gospel According to Johnny Bender. This includes the song If I Were a Blackbird, put together by Beth for the story. A video of the song will be sorted soon.

"Nothing gets found out if not through silly sometimes mistakes get made. Come, Blackbird. Let’s walk to bridge. They won’t see us. You understand now, don’t you, and this part of story needs feet. Goodbye ten little toe fish..."


Jean remembers standing up in the courtroom to tell the judge what she saw her dad do to her mother, all the time knowing that inside her belly a new life was growing, and would keep on growing until she could hide it no longer.

Burning House Press have featured Halfway up the street from Billy and the Devil on their website. You can read the story here.