On this site, you will find several images from the lens of Scott Hukins. Scott is a photographer from Sheffield who happens to now live under my loft with my daughter Meghan, who is also a photographer. Together they have made several videos of my stories, all of which you can find here. Scott has just launched a website of his own, a site that features photographs of people, musicians, places, and things. The people are often people he knows, caught in a way to show how he knows them. The musicians are people he has photographed at various venues across Sheffield, people like The Horrors, Future Islands, and Jarvis Cocker. The places are places caught in a way that always seem to emit a feeling of something, of light and moment and space. The things can be a dog, a cup of coffee, or a shadow, and again, these things seem to emit a feeling of something, that you, I think, are asked to find. All of Scott’s photographs seem to say something about Scott. Go take a look. His site can be found here.