Everyone that came, who made it what it was.
Jim Gibson and Sophie Pitchford for the start of it. For Hand Job Zine, for the special RPM edition. Jim for his stories and poems. Sophie for her photography.
Miggy Angel for the inspiration of it. For the MCing. For his poems. His photography.
Stephen Holmes for his art. For the Johnny cover and illustrations. For the posters, the bags. The website design.
Holly Watson for her stories. Her song.
Scott Hukins for his photography. His videos.
Meghan Lilleyman for her photography. Her videos.
Sam Lancashire for his song.
Beth Aveyard for her songs.
Chris Jones for his poetry.
The Young for their music.
Daniel and John for the Chameleon.
Martine Lilleyman for the bunting, the pluck-a-duck. The organising.

These RPM gig shots are by Scott Hukins and Meghan Lilleyman.