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The Gospel According to Johnny Bender by Dean Lilleyman

The Gospel According to Johnny Bender

by Dean Lilleyman

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Rose stares at the goldfish, her eyes moving across the lines of dangling bags pinned to the board behind Mr Hopkins, ten … fifteen … twenty fish housed in knotted plastic bags of water no bigger than bags of crisps. She wants to ask Mr Hopkins how they can breathe inside these horrible little bags, but she understands the difficulty in asking her question. She imagines the look on her mother and Mr Hopkins’ faces if she asked it. She doesn’t want to appear stupid. Of course fish can breathe in water. She knows this. But such a small bag. And the more she looks, the more she feels sad. Rose makes herself look away, focussing instead on the sign that stands on the wooden table in front of Mr Hopkins. HIT A BULLSEYE TO WIN A GOLDFISH! She looks to the dartboard that hangs an arm’s length from the little plastic bags and wonders on the possible, of how many bullseyes she could hit, of how many fish she could save from their terrible prisons...