I’m not very good at writing letters, as you’re about to find out. I think it was the right thing to do to write to each other after our chat on the phone the other night. Like you said, we should take it slow and get to know each other if that’s what we both want. Thanks for your letter and photographs. I’m pleased you have a family. You all look very happy. I enjoyed reading about your life so far, and feel I have caught up a little. As for your first question, back in 1966 I was not unlike yourself, always fooling around, daft about music, especially the Rolling Stones who I still like. I saw them recently at Wembley with my wife Maureen. I met Maureen in a town near Glasgow, and she’s my second wife. We’ve been together for 10 years and we’re very happy. Anyway, after me and your mum split up (a few months before you were born) I married a girl in 1968 called Janice, and although we had two kids (Claire and Stephen) I will never know why we married. I don’t know whether it was because I was looking for a way in life, or whether I was just mixed up about things. At the time I was working at Trebor, and I got offered a contracting job in Scotland through a mate of a mate. Me and Janice had only been married for a year or so but it was more money so I took it. From then on I travelled with work and didn’t really see Janice or the kids much. Not much to tell after that, other than I was working hard and got into a couple of bits of trouble. It was stupid stuff, scrapping and the like. And then in 1983 I met Maureen. I left Janice soon after, and me and Maureen lived in a caravan near Kilmarnock for a while, and a few times the kids would come and stay. They got on with Maureen and everything was fine. When the contract work stopped I decided it was time to settle down back here, and an old mate offered me some work at his timber yard in town. He even put me and Maureen up for a bit while we sorted a place to live. We got a mobile home (a caravan on bricks) near Whitt Moor. After that I started my own building business and things got much better. I have 12 men working for me now, and the funny thing is, my ex-wife and Maureen are really good friends. As for the kids, Claire is married to Dave and has two boys, Kyle (6) and Jordan (2). Stephen is living with his girlfriend Jade, and they have a girl called Aymee who is nearly 1. 

In your letter you say it hurts that I never contacted you. I can’t explain this fully in a letter. There are many reasons why I didn’t, and maybe I can tell you when we meet, if (as you say in your letter) that’s what you want to do. I think it would be better at a neutral place rather than at your house or mine. If you want I could pick you up from the Nelson car park one Friday or Saturday night (it’s just across from you isn’t it?). I might still be barred from there (long story, ha ha!) but we could go to a quiet pub I know and have a drink. My home phone number is on the business card attached.

All the best,

PS. Call me at home if you want to talk again or meet up.


57. Hello Mum

55. 0898 696969