photo by Sophie Pitchford

Because outside I find the road. Because outside I find the moon. Because outside I find home somehow, remembering trees and bus stops and pubs, that I didn’t get my gear back, that fatso’s kids go to school with my kids, that next-door’s koi-carp pond brings a river to my sleep, that eddies slow hush through a fern-filled gully, first light breaks white, through pine to a sway of open hand...

"Of particular note was the lyrical and stirring performance by Dean Lilleyman and Beth Aveyard, who fused loquacious spoken word with haunting folk music, creating a dreamy atmosphere that left the entire room in stunned silence." Left Lion 

Me and Beth Aveyard do gigs together. A mix of words and music. Stories. If you'd like us to do something at yours, then shout up.