Have a couple. And when he gets there he’s brought a girl. She’s called Jane. She’s a punk single mum with green eyes. Me and Jane talk while Curtis gets them in. Jane has a big smile. Curtis gets back from the bar laughs too much. I think there’s something else… We walk up to the next one in the rain. Jane walks in the middle with a brolly. We link like a chain. I fancy Guinness and a Jameson. I think Curtis is going to tell me something. Inside I look out. The fountain is lit. I run a joke through my head I don’t say… Jane talks of how she met Curtis ten years ago. That’s nine more than me. Jane buys the next round insists she can afford it. We all have double vodkas the jukebox is loud. Jane and Curtis are dancing. Two old men are watching from the snug. Fuck em… This pub is quieter. We sit near a pool table. Jane is funny. Curtis says he’s queer. I laugh and say Whatever, mine’s a barley wine (five in the last)… We watch Jane piss in the church doorway. She sidles like a crab. She leaves pissy footprints on God’s flagstones. She sings Space Oddity at the moon. She puts her hand down the back of my jeans. I copy... Jane lives in a rented room. A big old house on the edge of town. Her room is at the top near a dirty kitchen. A scruffy old blonde with too much rouge is smoking a cigarette by a dirty sink. She hugs Curtis by name… And this is Jane’s landlady Marjorie. And I am Curtis’s friend from work. Marjorie’s teeth are yellow. Jane says she’ll only be a minute. She comes back in pyjamas. They’re striped… We drink tea from a dirty kettle. Curtis and Marjorie laugh lung-bleeders. Jane says she’s tired, takes me to see her room… Jane has lots of records. Crass. The Damned. Discharge. The Fall… Jane gets into bed. Jane says turn the light off. The streetlamp looks red. She has a wide kiss. She has a soft lumpy tit. She has a kid. Where’s the kid?... Jane says Be quick, pulls her pyjamas down yanking my belt pulling down my pants and jeans in one, Come on, her big tongue my fingers inside she’s bending my cock down up inside she lets go of breath, says Don’t let them hear, What about the? Come, she says, Injection, she says, What? It’s okay, Come, Just, Come, Just be, Quick… The light snaps on and the landlady squawks. Curtis is gob-smacked, Jane is laughing, I’m trying to pull my trousers up, Going I’m going, and the landlady’s yelling of men and bastards, over the banister, down the stairs, and the night is cold and the moon is red and Curtis says, What in the name of fuck were you thinking?... Death, I tell him, And the taxi costs more than I got… yeh?