You rise from undergrowth as sapling, hide as tree in trees, arms outstretched as branch and branch, finger-leaves tremble, blood-sun bleeds through pillared dusk, now hide behind see-through eyelids, hearing bent old song from gramophone unwound, slack-slow belly-voice treacles lowing moan, stump-finger piano drunks a darkling birdsong… Billy… Billy… look at me… and there she stands, erotic creak of limbs, bark-lids lift to blink white blind eyes, bent breasted trunk bending slow to show moss-haired slit, Fuck me Billy… fuck me… and uproot you will, dry twig-fingers she wraps around, tug-wanking pull into mossy hole, and warm, and sleek, and velvet-lush the mossy-mouthed slit, your knees now tight around the fuck-trunk-she, dull-husk rub of bark against your belly, Fuck me Billy… fuck me… deep as deep into dark dank hollow, tickle-sting pinpricks of unseen ants seething at the bell, fuck-trunk-she moaning cattle-call low, snake-shapes entwined with gramophone unwound, push-fuck, push-fuck, fuck-sudden gush of cum-blood you, ragdolled back onto forest-soft floor, geyser rush of crimson arcing the dark-leaf canopy, a fountain smear of you that wilts, lolling bluebell-limp as rook-scraw warning makes you flinch in thin skin, and it’s coming, and you know it, that legless demon pounding over dead-leaf carpet on flat-palmed sprint, arms as legs, rotting stump of cock dragging the dry earth, and it’s coming, you hear its sand-rasp pant, now see its hollowed-out eyes and pin-tooth grin, this soundless scream of you and it’s here, there in the clearing, gnash and pound close and closer, WAKE UP… WAKE UP AND RUN… but these legs will not carry so you fall, and you keep falling, this fast-passing of rain-pregnant cloud you grasp at nothing, bracing for the pain that never comes because now you are here in this half-mooned bay where you run, feet finding loose-lever over hollow drag-clank of cobble, chasing the shoreline to that far cove-claw, that hatchet-jag of whitewall cliff, this ever-inward creep of sea darkening the black-brown pebbles, a thousand gull-wing clatter of wave breaking on rock-fist… impassable… so see it, see it and understand, know that you were dropped like a dead stone into this, so listen, listen to the voice… Behind you grew a tree, its husk is your ferry, its fruit will be your sustenance, trust all serpents, and when you get there, pray to nothing.