Those are your stars, your moon. Can you see? See how big the universe is? And this earth is just a big ball spinning through the everything, never stopping, always turning, for ever and ever, and I’m your daddy, Scarlett, and I’ll love you for all time, with everything I have, and you’ll have nothing to be scared of, ever, because I’ll protect you, and care for you, and love you, and you’ll grow ever beautiful like those stars, that moon, everything, my Scarlett, my sweet baby girl, and this everything starts with you, and I’ll leave all that shit behind, like this is the start of everything, all over again, all those bad stupid fuck-ups, never ever again, because now I have you, and you have me, and I won’t let you down, ever, and I promise on the stars, the moon, the everything, because I love you Scarlett, your daddy loves you.