One day, when David was playing in the woods, he found an old bottle in a crack that was in the trunk of an old tree. David was surprised. He’d never noticed it before. David had walked down this path in the woods lots of times and had never seen the bottle in the crack before. He looked at it for a moment and wondered how it got there. Then he pulled it out. The bottle was very old and had something in it. David looked closer and he saw that it was a scroll of paper. He picked up a twig from the floor and used it to poke the scroll of paper out. When he got it out he unrolled it and there was writing on it. David couldn’t quite read it at first, and then after a while he could. It said “Ask a devil many things and some of these come true, make a wish that pleases you and a devil will come and do”. At first David was too scared to try it, but after a while he wasn’t so he read it out and he made a wish to be invisible. Suddenly a big black rook appeared on a branch in front of David and made a loud scrawing sound. Then there was a sound like wood cracking and when David looked down to the scroll of paper it looked like it was floating! David couldn’t see his hands or feet or anything! David became very scared and cried “Oh no what have I done?” and then he threw the scroll of paper to the ground and he ran home. On his way home he saw his friends Jimmy and Steve. They were sat on the farm gate talking. As David got closer he heard Jimmy say “I think David is an idiot and I don’t really like him” and Steve said “Yes me too”. Jimmy then said “The only reason I pretend to be his friend is because he lives on a farm and that means if we’re his friends then we can play on the farm” and Steve said “Yes that’s right”. This made David stop still. He felt very bad and was going to shout something at Jimmy and Steve when he stopped and thought of something. “Wait a minute! I’m invisible and I can get my revenge on Jimmy and Steve without them knowing!” So David crept up and hid behind a hedge and he called “Jimmy! Steve! Come and look what I’ve found!” This made Jimmy and Steve get off the gate and follow the sound of David’s voice who they thought was calling them from far away. David repeated this four times, each time taking them deeper and deeper into the woods until he had lured Jimmy and Steve under the big old tree. “Where are you David?” cried Jimmy and Steve, and then lifting the old bottle into the air, the invisible David smashed it over their heads until they were dead. From then on, the invisible David never had any more friends, and living on his own he always felt happy because he could do whatever he liked and no one was ever untrue to him again.