And we read out what we’ve written. Miss Walker asked us to write the title first which is called What I Did at Easter. We go in alphabetical order so I go after Zoe Parker even though my name’s Scarlett. This is because it goes on last names not first. I wrote about going to horse racing with Mum and Dad and Joe, and everyone laughed when I said the bit about Joe being sick in the car, and that baby sick smells like horrible yoghurt that smells for as long as dog poo does. Miss laughed as well when I said the bit when Dad asked a jockey for a tip and the jockey told him his horse Red Hand, so Dad put twenty pounds on it but it was rubbish and came last. The jockeys were funny too, they’re only a bit bigger than me but it’s not funny when they smack their horses with whips. Mum said they don’t really smack them, it just looks like they do, but to me it looks like they really do do.  Natasha Godly said that when horses break their legs the jockeys kill them. I don’t like Natasha Godly, she tells fibs behind your back and says her mum and dad don’t like my dad. When I read out the best bit everyone cheered. It’s the bit about Merry-Go-Round which is the horse I picked which won at ten to one which meant I got eleven pounds back. Its colours were green and red which are my favourite colours, and when Dad got back with the money I waved it in the air but didn’t throw it like I was in a film or something because it might have blown away. I didn’t write about the bit where Joe is crying so Mum has to take him back to the car, and I want to buy a double 99 ice cream with my winnings but because Dad needs to pick his next horse I can’t, so I kick his beer over like a little river down the steps and Dad shouts IDIOT! smacks my bottom so my feet jump up.